About This Project

Canvas collage of a woman with short dark hair, eyes closed, wearing a dress with flowers and a city printed on it. It's called Henny and the Strawberries

Henny and the Strawberries

24” x 36”
Paper Collage on Stretched Canvas
Banner 48” x 72”

The true story of Henny, a Jewish woman in the Netherlands during the second world war. During the Nazi occupation, in order to give her children a better chance of survival, she takes her children to a man she never met, who transports them to two separate families who take them in and pass them off as their own children for the duration of the war. Henny’s daughters were two and three years old. When Henny walks home she feels how empty her hands are now, that just moments ago held her daughter’s hands. She stops to buy two baskets of strawberries so that she would have something to hold onto. She goes home and makes strawberry jam. From then on whenever Henny has problems in her life she makes strawberry jam. Henny and her husband went into hiding. They were reunited with their children two years later, at the end of the war.
Commission for Theater for New Works